Guaranteed Longevity in Travel Bags

Travel bags are a necessity when an overnight stay or trip is on your schedule. Suitcases were once the preferred method of transporting items, but with today’s fast-paced society, lighter and smaller are more practical. However, the material used in creative travel bags can limit the life of many advertised luggage pieces. No one wants to pay top dollar for a bag that can become scarred and damaged from exposure of weather, airports, and baggage handlers. Here are some ideas for selecting the best travel bags that are guaranteed to give you longevity.

Naked Leather

Naked leather baggage is made from the finest grade of natural hide. By not tainting the surface with sanders or chemicals, the fiber strength is second to none for durability. It will not lose its form or tenuity through years of use. You never have to wash naked leather, but coating with a coat of oil or salve can help prevent damage from extreme heat or cold. The best part about naked leather is that it becomes more beautiful with age. You can find several options at Carrying Baggage along with other quality luggage brands. Scrapes and markings will accentuate the hide and create a rich, elegant look.


Ask any military veteran if they would trade in their canvas duffel bag for a breathable nylon or polyester model. The answer is obvious. Canvas is tough, versatile and natural. Many countries still use hemp to manufacture canvas while others use cotton. The plain weave method as opposed to twill weave gives this material the durability that it is known for. Natural dyes and prints can make plain canvas or Duck canvas very attractive for both men and women. Easy to clean, this fabric is excellent for long-term travel bags.

The best travel bags can still be stylish, yet made for wear. While plastics and other materials have improved significantly over the past 2 decades, the longest lasting travel bags can be found by following the path of forgotten days. Naked leather and canvas are also eco-friendly, a big plus in today’s world.

Lake Tahoe has many superlatives based on its natural formation alone, such as the United State’s second-deepest lake and one of its highest-elevation lakes (6,255 feet high). But that’s not all there is to Lake Tahoe either!


Lake Tahoe is a year-round vacation destination for individuals, groups and families who want the adrenaline rush of snow sports in winter and the laid back feel of water activities in summer. Its shimmering surface of the deepest blues and brightest emeralds is the venue for a wide range of activities including swimming, kayaking, windsurfing, boating, and stand-up paddle boarding – or just plain basking in the warmth of the sun – during the summer months.


In winter, the horned peaks around Lake Tahoe become the site for people enjoying snow sports including skiing, sledding and snowboarding. Even the kids love the opportunity to learn new skills, build snowmen, and enjoy snow fights followed by warm nights sitting near the fireplace while sipping cups of hot cocoa. Don’t forget to take a money pouch to keep your cash and credit cards safe and secure.


And because the snow lasts until spring, everybody can have their fill of the snow before jumping back into the joys of summer. Hiking, wilderness backpacking, and camping, perhaps even glamping (i.e., glamorous camping) then take over.

Of course, vacationing in Lake Tahoe will not be complete without a scenic drive – and what a drive it is! The 72-mile scenic shoreline makes for fascinating views of the contrasts between the four shores of Lake Tahoe.


The north shore has a peaceful and quiet, even upscale vibe that appeals to older generations. The west shore has a rugged, almost old-fashioned vibe to it that attracts the adventurous bunch. The east shore has yet to be developed, although the potential is there for all to see. The south shore is the busiest part with its flashy casinos that prepare tourists for the glitzier environment of Reno, the biggest little city on this side of North America.
While there are many places and activities to enjoy on a Lake Tahoe vacation, the following are musts because these evoke its fun vibe:
• Heavenly Mountain Resort
• Zephyr Cove
• Incline Village
• Lake Tahoe Shakespeare Festival
• Stateline
• Squaw Valley

Start planning your Lake Tahoe vacation now!


While traveling can be a priceless experience, it doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive. Fortunately, you can take steps to save on everything from transport to accommodations, and from food to souvenirs. Here are some helpful tips to make your priceless travelling a little more affordable:

1. Find cheaper accommodations
Experts usually say that accommodations during travel should be about 33% of your trip. But that’s usually for a standard hotel. You can save a small fortune on accommodations by choosing other options. Campsites are much more affordable, whether you use a tent or camper. Besides being cheaper, they’ll make the travel experience more genuine. Also, instead of checking into a hotel, less expensive options include hostels, bed & breakfasts, and pension houses. As a word of caution, make sure that your accommodation is still clean, comfy, and safe. For example, staying in a roach motel isn’t worth the money you’d save.

2. Travel during the off-season
This is one of the best ways to save money on your traveling. You can save on a wide array of things, such as transportation, accommodation, and entrance fees, and so on. There are a few potential drawbacks of this approach, such as a higher chance of inclement weather, certain attractions not being open, and so on. However, the benefits arguably make it worthwhile. You’ll be able to enjoy lower rates, shorter lines, and smaller crowds.

Luxury-Family-Travels3. Choose a location less traveled
Even if you travel to an “expensive country,” you can find pockets where you can save much money on everything from accommodations to souvenirs. This is even true when traveling to large cities, such as capitals. Just do your homework before your trip, to learn where you can enjoy cheaper travel.

4. Eat cheap
This doesn’t necessarily mean that you can’t enjoy healthy and interesting cuisine. In fact, local cuisine itself usually isn’t expensive. What makes it expensive is when the prices are jacked up in tourist areas. It’s basically a supply and demand issue—but you don’t have to play the game. Local restaurants can help you to save a small fortune on food, while still allowing you to enjoy the various local tastes. If you want to save even more on meals, pack a picnic or cook in your lodging if a kitchen is available. Then it’ll be easier to splurge on your last meal at a fancy restaurant.

5. Use cheaper transport
By definition, travelling is going to require some—well, travelling. If you want to save on your transport, you’ll need to know how. Consider booking your ticket in advance, whether you’ll be traveling by plane, train, or boat. This can allow you to save substantially on your transport costs. The earlier you reserve your ticket, the better.

Travel Budgets: How much will you need?

Once you get to your destination, consider options such as one-day subway or bus passes. You’ll likely need to take multiple trips during the day, so in the long run buying a day pass will help you to save some big bucks.

Now that you have an idea on how to save money while enjoying your travel. You can now plan your whole journey ahead of time. The best way to save money on transport is to not use it at all! If you have kids, walking long distances might be a problem. You can solve it by using a combination of public transportation and walking. Besides saving money, walking allows you to experience a particular city better, and besides that—it’s good exercise and you should try it too!